OSHA Inspection Course

OSHA Inspection Course – What to Expect and How to Handle an OSHA Inspection

  • Understand the entire process from the initial “knock on the door” to the closing conference and issuance of citations
  • Learn the maximum penalties for different types of citations and what your total exposure could be
  • Why being unprepared could mean increased fines and even jail time
  • How to manage the inspection and minimize the company’s exposure
  • How to prepare employees for OSHA interviews and explain their rights
  • How to conduct yourself during an OSHA interview
  • Management’s responsibility for safety
  • When you are required to call OSHA
  • Proper reporting of injuries on OSHA 300 logs
  • Resolution options after the citation
  • How to request files via the Freedom of Information Act
  • How to contest an OSHA citation
  • Know when to retain legal counsel
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