Defensive Driving Class

Defensive Driving Class

– What skills should the student expect to learn?

Your employees will be encouraged to reflect upon and consider their current driving habits and vehicular behaviors, and learn how to improve their driving behavior in a way that exhibits safe actions and consideration for other drivers on the road and on jobsites. Employees will gain skills that allow them to exhibit safe behavior on the roads, at jobsites, and in company vehicles.

– Who should take the defensive driving class?

The Defensive Driving course should be considered by proactive employers to enhance their safety culture by engaging their employees in safe driving practices. Your employees will learn how to anticipate driving instances, avoid common driving distractions, and improve their awareness of the dangers of driving as well as focus on the safety of themselves and others in the vehicle and on the road. This course can help lower the risk of vehicular incidents or misconduct on behalf of your company.  The course is also appropriate for individuals who need to re-visit the concept of driving safely and become more connected and focused on vehicle safety and consideration for other drivers on the road.

– What makes us more qualified to teach to the class than someone else?

Bermac Safety understands the day-to-day activities of your employees on the road, on a jobsite, and in company vehicles. We will meet your needs with energetic trainers who can find common ground with your employees to make their training experience relatable and comfortable.

– What does the practical exam include?  Is there one?  Is it required?

The practical exam will include content discussed throughout the course and is required. It is a short exam graded upon completion.

– What is the length of the class?

4 hour for refresher, 6 hour (modified), or 8 hour for new employees/safety orientation.

– Is there anyone that should NOT take the class?

Not to my knowledge. Refresher training for employees is never a bad idea.
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